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The clientelle of this former well known takeaway and homedelivery shop in the outskirts of Southampton had been crying out for it's flamboyant owner to change it to a sit in venue. We went one step further. We transformed it into classy little restaurant with loads of character. Stylised Images of 'Bollywood Greats' adorn the walls of this small but comfortable restaurant. The space planning was challenge. How do you fit 50 covers comfortably in a such a small site? We acheived this using banquette seating flanked on both sides with a single centre run of small tables. The illuminated milky glass facade of the bar at the back of the restaurant is visable from outside the restaurant. We fitted an austere black timber shopfront which has brought a touch of class to an outherwise drab row of shops. This is an excellent example of a small venue can have loads of appeal.